March 15, 2016 meeting: First meeting of the year

From our President, Maria Spaeth:

Get the kids to school. Go to work. Cook dinner. Clean up. Shuttle kids to practice, music lessons, clubs. Check in on family and friends. Do the laundry, work magic to pay the bills, take care of the car…and the list goes on and on with little time for anything else. It seems everyone wants some of your time.

Studies have shown that folks are more stressed today because of all the demands placed on their time than other recent generations. We spend more time running around trying to be super human that we forget to how to be human at all, to interact or to have fun together.

We don’t have to be so planned, so boxed in. When we learn we open up and regain our humanity. Learning is a lifelong process with up’s and down’s, but with a little effort there is hope. The Edinburg Historical Society (EHS) seeks always to embrace learning and change to educate, promote, and preserve our community. Although many community residents are passionate about our community, many are reluctant to move past their passion into action. Many fear the demands placed on their time or their commitment level. A terrible mistake.

EHS is a family that allows members opportunities without demands. A simple $5 membership for an individual or $10 membership for families or businesses gives folks a chance to make a difference in their community without demands. Come join us on the third Tuesday of every month March through November, at 7 p.m. at the Edinburg Community Center, for free programs on local and regional topics with treats to follow. It is always a great opportunity to meet people, ask questions, and learn for all ages.

Please attend our first meeting of the 2016 season on March 15th! Refreshments will be served. Becoming a member is simple and easy, but the impact is priceless