Storyteller “Uncle Josh” AKA Larry Cramer


The Edinburg Historical Society will be entertained with stories by Larry Cramer. A brief meeting of the Society will be held prior to the entertainment and coffee and baked goods will be served.

Larry graduated from the Technology Department at Broome Community College with an Arts and Science Degree in the mechanical field. He was employed at IBM and received two patents in the printed circuit manufacturing process. He served in the US Army Reserve with one year active duty during the Berlin Crisis. He has been active in his retirement as Camp Director Church Consultant, school bus driver, humorist, Hudson car/truck restorer, musician and has collected over 100 limericks and old obscure songs like Grandma’s Lye Soap, He Never Came Back, Dead Skunk, Spearmint, and Grandfather’s Clock.


EHS will hold a salad, baked beans and bake sale on Saturday, May 28 from 9 a.m. to noon. Baked beans, and macaroni, pasta, and potato salads will be available, and the bake sale will have delicious home baked pies, cakes, bread, fudge, cookies and other delectable deserts. Anyone wishing to make some baked goods or salads should email or call Claudette at 863-4844 or email

May 17 Meeting!

We’re back! The first meeting after 2 long years is being held on Tuesday, May 17 at 7 p.m. It will be a social gathering at the Sand Hill One-room Schoolhouse on Tange Road to see the renovations and welcome back the snowbirds. President George Blackwood will also discuss plans for the coming year.

Bakers and Craft Vendors Wanted!

EHS is looking for bakers for the Saturday, July 9th Historic Edinburg Day Festival Bake Sale. EHS also needs macaroni, potato, and pasta salads. The festival involves the whole town and runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Call Claudette at 518 863-4844 if you can help. J & D Percherons will be giving free horse and carriage rides. There are openings for crafters and vendors and application forms are available on our Facebook page at  Forms can be emailed to or mailed to George and Andrea Blackwood, 4 Morris Road, Edinburg, NY 12134. Any questions call the Blackwood’s at 518 863-6772.

Sand Hill Schoolhouse Update

This spring EHS hopes to finish the Sand Hill One-room Schoolhouse and have a dedication and open house. Children from the Edinburg Common School visit the Sand Hill School while they are learning about Edinburg history, and it is open during the EHS Festivals.

In Loving Memory/Copeland Carriage Factory Shop

The Edinburg Historical Society has lost a member, a very talented and knowledgeable machinist John Ordyk. John owned the Copeland Carriage Factory Shop at one time. He did the research and helped us retrieve a lathe that was donated to the American Precision Museum in Windsor, VT many years ago by a former owner. Andrea and George Blackwood picked up and returned the lathe to the Copeland Carriage Factory Shop.

Priscilla Edwards stated the purpose of the building is to get some of the original machinery used in the factory, put artwork in the side room and a breast wheel to show how waterpower works. It was also suggested that André Garand, Master Carpenter who restores old buildings, could teach classes on restoring old buildings.

Until the funds are found, EHS has replacing rotting beams, and railings, added brackets to hold the beams in place, patched the roof, and fixed a stone wall to prevent the flowing water of Beecher Creek from washing out the foundation of the Factory. A fundraiser will be needed to fully restore the carriage house and put in an exhibit of the tools and machinery.

In Loving Memory

The EHS has lost a long-time member, Cheryl McCleery.  Cheryl and her husband, George received the 2012 Volunteer of the Year Award in recognition of their attendance, devotion, help and assistance. Cheryl was a huge contributor to EHS’s bake sale. She will be missed and we are all truly grateful for all she has done.

School House Update

EHS volunteers worked at the Sand Hill one-room schoolhouse cleaning the desks and chairs and taking things to the transfer station. EHS members were George and Andrea Blackwood, Dennis and Annette Duffy, Priscilla Edwards, Richie Ege, Pam Hanke, Valerie Kay, Claudette Koza, Karen Lee and Mike Pick.