Copeland Covered Bridge Wedding Agreement

The Edinburg Historical Society requires all weddings at the Copeland Covered Bridge to fill in, sign, and return the following agreement to this address, as well as to gain approval for a specific date with the Society’s board.

The agreement is available here as a PDF file for printing: Copeland Covered Bridge Wedding Agreement.

Edinburg Historical Society
PO Box 801
Northville, NY 12134

This agreement made on _____________________ (date) between the Edinburg Historical Society

and _________________________________________ (name of person in charge)

regarding use of the Copeland Covered Bridge site for a wedding ceremony

to take place on _____________ (date).

The above named person requesting permission to use this site agrees to accept responsibility for those attending the ceremony with regard to the following:

  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages on the bridge or site
  • No more than 15 persons on the actual bridge
  • Removal of all trash, etc. at end of ceremony
  • No entering waters of Beecher’s Creek.

The above named agrees to hold harmless all parties and persons responsible for the administration and upkeep of said Copeland Covered Bridge and site. It is also understood that all liabilities, legalities and losses incurred on said site at the time of the aforementioned wedding ceremony shall be the responsibility of the party hereby signing said acceptance agreement.

(signature of person in charge)

(date signed)

P.S. A donation to the Society is always appreciated, but it is not required.