Third meeting for 2015 on Tuesday May 19

(Written by our President, Maria Spaeth)

The Sun. The Greeks called the Sun “Helios,” and the Romans called it “Sol,” and I call it “Bliss!” As the Sun finally becomes visible in the Spring sky, we at the Edinburg Historical Society (EHS), have taken advantage of the Sun’s warmth to start doing some Spring cleaning. The museums are being prepared for another wonderful museum season. We would like to thank Andre Garrand for all his tireless work and the Town of Edinburg for their continued commitment to the preservation of local history.

Come join us for our new program on Tuesday, May 19 at 7 p.m. on “A Greener Edinburg” by John Olmstead Solid Waste Coordinator at the Edinburg Community Center. John will introduce us to the many ways that Edinburg is getting “greener” and saving the town money. John was born and raised in Edinburg and has been working for the Town of Edinburg since 1990. He has served on several board positions for the Edinburg Volunteer Fire Department. A brief business meeting will be held before the program. Programs are free and open to the public with treats to follow. What a great way to get out and enjoy the sun and come great company!

As we look toward the future, EHS would like to remember the very generous folks that purchased shares this year in memory of, in honor of, or as a gift for a loved one. Share certificates for the Copeland Bridge Site have recently been issued in honor of Donald F. Lasher, Helen Gallant and Barbara Henry; and in memory of Barbara Ellen Allen, Ellen Hillstrom Shea, Paul and Maureen Hillstrom, Meghan and Gregory Hillstrom, Elizabeth (Betty) Lasher and Emily Jane Bigelow. Visitors at the Copeland Covered Bridge and Carriage House Site can view shareholder’s names. The Society is very thankful for this support as it helps to restore the Copeland Carriage Shop and helps in the continued maintenance of the Copeland Covered Bridge.

Enjoy the sun this Spring and remember to check our new website regularly for updates. We cannot wait to see you on the third Tuesday of every month. It’s never too late to join and serve your community.

The Edinburg Historical Society continues to raise funds for the restoration and maintenance of the Copeland Historic Site which is comprised of the Copeland Covered Bridge and Carriage Shop. Your donation of $25 will purchase a share certificate for yourself, as a gift, in honor of a loved one or in memory of a loved one. Upon receipt of your donation, a certificate will be sent to the recipient you request and the name will be posted in the Copeland Covered Bridge. Send your request to the Edinburg Historical Society, PO Box 801, Northville, NY 12134.

If you haven’t visited the Copeland Covered Bridge in a while stop by in the spring and see the observation deck on the back of the Copeland Bridge. The observation deck was a Boy Scout Troop 55 project organized and led by Tyler Monacchio for his Eagle Scout badge in 2012.